Monday, March 19, 2007

Wow, been awhile

For whatever reason I just realized I have not written anything in awhile, and I'm bummed out by it. I have been super busy with a few projects plus I got a Nintendo Wii (I love to spell "nintendo"). The Wii is amazing but it does take me away from some of my creative work. I'm general nature is to do one thing with a strange obession. I think I have always been that way.

So after thinking a long time about my art and what I want to become really good at... I think I figured it out. I love to illustrate and I love to draw. I also love to paint and print. I'm much better and drawing and printing then painting. I feel like I could fuse the two to my own style. I'm working on some new projects to see how it goes. My plan is to do the painting that I'm good at as backgrounds. Then take my illustrations and print them on the front. I really want to play with different medias of paint and effects so the illustations look awesome. I almost have everything that I need to start. Hopefuly within the next month or so I can post some of the work.

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