Friday, February 29, 2008

Menemsha & the Discovery Channel "Green Channel" has Partybots!

Wow, this is pretty amazing - and I can not wait to tell you about it. One of my new stores that has their shippment of shirts heading there way right now is amazing. The store is called "Menemsha" - the name comes from the Wampanoag Indians on Martha's vineyard. It is where the first "JAWS" was filmed! It is a rad eco-conscious store with all sorts of goodies for everyone's lifestyle. Things like the paint, light bulbs, shopping bags made from corn that decompose in 45days, reclaimed lumber cash wrap counter and hangers... all the clothing is organic cotton, seacell, lyocell, bamboo, hemp and recycled plastic bottles. The shoes they sell are made from tires and plastic bottles, hemp and recycled wool. All of the jewelry is fair trade and none of it is from china, all is handmade here in the US. They also carry a large selection of vintage items. our clothing is in pristine condition and the pieces are rare. Menemsha has vintage costume jewelry and fantastic vintage handbags, gloves and hats. You can't get more earth friendly than vintage. All in all it is pretty amazing, they are not your typical granola store. And now they will be selling the sweetest illustrated shirts ever - partybot shirts.

Wait, that is not good enough - check this out. The Discovery channel is launching a new sister channel called "green channel." One of the shows that they are airing is hosted by Adrienne Grenier, from "entourage." The show is about renovating a house, and creating a green, eco-friendly lifestyle around it. The kicker, is the store wanted my product to be there for the show so they can sell him some partybot 100% organic cotton, hand printed shirts. It is going to rule so hard if it gets on the show. Oh snap.

Menemsha - 818.505.8900 - 12524 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604 -

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comics from this week

This week has been a little weird for me due to last sunday's events. Regardless, I think I'm surviving and turning all my emotional package in to half way decent comics.

The first one was for "her" to no avail, which is sad because this was one of the cutest things we use to tell each other.

The second one is for "her" new douche bag boyfriend. I still think this would be mega fun to do to him, why... because I'm very angry and still very sore over being replaced by a fucking loser.

The third was a drawing experiment with crazy fluffy eyes, and some good comments about over packaged commodity goods.

New Illustrations for Thursday

Alright so most of these are pretty random done and several different times.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seattle Craft NIght - Wed 27th

Hello everyone this is Karl, speaking on behalf of myself and Bradical.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

If you are anything like me, you realize it is going to be Monday very soon and you get kinda sad. But then you remember that means that Craft Night is just around the corner!

Well, this week Karl and I are hosting over here in West Seattle. It will be our first time hosting and we are looking forward to having everyone come over.

Our address is:

4433 44th Ave SW Unit A
Seattle, Wa 98116

The address gets kinda dim at night, due to lack of light, so if you need any information when you are in the neighborhood give Karl or I a call.

Brad = (805) 551-7514
Karl = (206) 271-2069

I think Craft Nights usually start around 7, but if you feel like showing up earlier that is absolutely fine.

The Alaska Junction Bus Stop is two blocks south of us. So you bus folk need not worry.

If anyone has any questions please let us know. By phone or email.

Hope to see you Wednesday.

- Brad & Karl

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Greenset

I just came across this blog that wrote a very cool story about me and my "nerdiness."

Check it out because it rules: thegreenset

Here is what she wrote:

Meet Karl. Karl is... well, he’s kinda a nerd. A cool, hip, heavily tattooed nerd, but yeah, a nerd nonetheless. He draws pictures/comics all day and probably has 37-sided dice in his pockets, which he will need to help him navigate the magical realms of sustainable clothing, where he is indeed a wizard. An eco-wizard, who uses organic and bio-degradable materials to make his (impressive) line of comic-book graphic t-shirts.

Nerds are so cool, they aren’t even nerds anymore- they’re the cool kids.

Finally, my mom was right about something, and I can start wearing my glasses in public.

YOU rock the partybots that rock the partybots:"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Partybots News Letter - Feb 2008

Where to I begin to start? So many things have happened since my last news letter. Partybots is in a few stores, the color scheme has changed for my branding, there are tons of new artwork available, lots of new apparel choices available and much more.

Retailers: A few weeks ago I got back from an awesome tradeshow in Las Vegas. I'm proud to say that you can find my product at 25 stores and 3 three online retailers. I'm very, very proud of this accomplishment and hope to keep growing strong. As some of these orders ship out to the stores I will be sure to blog about each store because they are all pretty dang amazing.

Colors: After a long time of thinking about it, I made the change of my colors for my website and all my branding material. I love orange, in fact it is my favorite color. However, with the direction of my vision I feel like green and brown represent that much better. It took me almost two complete days to get things switched out on my site. Hope you enjoy the fresh new look.

New Artwork: This is a bi-product of having new stores. Several of the stores from the tradeshow picked a whole heck of a lot of new artwork. Last week I burned over 25 new screens with more on the way. You can choose from 45 plus designs of original artwork by me on the site now. Hooray for an insane amount of options.

Apparel Options: Partybots has a full line of men's, women's and children's apparel now. In a few months here I will introduce the new 100% Organic V-Neck shirts. They are perfect for the summer time and come in five colors.

More Printable Art: I finally found a source for 100% Organic tote bags again. Those will be ordered very soon and put in to production. In addition to that, I just purchased 100% Post Consumer Paper stock to start doing posters again. Most of the posters will be my mini comics. I can not wait to get this uploaded on the site and available to all of you.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Over 45 choices of different artwork now!

This week has been insane for production and new printed artwork. My largest order just went out today, in a week I got the 25 screens done for that job, printed, took pictures of everything, packed and shipped out. It was pretty intense. The great news is that now has over 45 different illustrations of my mine to choose from. HOT DAMN!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Screen Mania

Today was a very productive day. I burned 25 screens, so get ready to see a lot of new artwork on the site. Each screen takes about 15 mins to burn the image, then another 10 mins to wash the image out. We almost had one causality, but the screen was saved.

Here is a list of the new artwork to come:

Doubotganger - Unisex - Blue (re-illustrated and better)
Lady Bots - Unisex - Black
Bunnies - Unisex - Blue
Cyclops Bear - Unisex - Brown (bigger and larger)
Elephant - Unisex - Blue
Two Heads - Unisex - Green
Robo Chimps - Unisex - Oatmeal
Slug-O-Stache - Unisex - Brown
The Bus Comic - Unisex - Brown
Error Comic - Unisex - Black
Dinner - Unisex - Green
Late Comic - Unisex - Blue
Closed Comic - Unisex - Green
Box Wars 2082 - Unisex - Black
Drunken Banana - Unisex - Green
Comb Bear - Unisex - Oatmeal
Bottle Ninja - Unisex - Blue
Switch Blade Box - Unisex - Black
Hambuger - Unisex - Oatmeal
Giraffe - Unisex - Green

Some of this artwork will be two colors, most are one colors. I can not wait to get them printed and posted on the site.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pool Trade Show

I just spent the last week in Las Vegas for Pooltradeshow. The trade show was pretty dang rad. I managed to pick up for more stores which I'm really stoked on. They will be getting their orders filled in the next few months. I will write a little blog-spot about each one when their orders go out.

I met a ton of rad folks that were super in to my artwork. It was amazing to talk to everyone and hear their comments and feedback. I'm going to say this show and trip was a huge success and I will be back for sure.

On Tuesday night their was a party held for all of us. It was fun because The Black Lips played a few songs which ruled. We took "Where Waldo's" photos of me in the club. And we made some new friends, Megan and Lizzie from Urban Fox (

One of the best parts of the trip, Megan and Lizzie found this rad pinball hall of fame. We spent both Tuesday and Thursday night there since it was the best thing to do.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Comic & Craft Night

This week has been pretty rad. I have been drawing a lot.

Tuesday at our place we had our first weekly comic night. There were four of us all doing stuff. It was pretty rad. My friend Jesse started drawing butts from one of my human anatomy drawing books. Shortly thereafter it became a "Butt-Off" of who could draw the best butt.

Wednesday night Brad and I went to our first craft night. That was super rad too. We met a lot of cool folks in the Seattle area. I also ran in my friend Jonathon from Arizona there. I drew comics there as well.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giraffe Ilustration

Hmmmmmmmm, he fell down.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little drawing... a write up and Canada!

Have not been around here for a bit. This week has been a little fast moving for me. I had a crazy trip to Vancouver with my friend Hope. Starting on Sunday evening Hope flew in, we made our attempt to Canada - got to Lynwood and got stuck in a snow storm. My truck did not make it far. We had to get tire chains and they royally fucked my tire-wells up. Oh well, it is just a car and metal. Monday in the afternoon we made it up there. Tuesday she went to film and I went on this insane adventure by myself. I took a ton of photos and walked around Vancouver for about 5 hours. My goal was to get a ton of reference photos for the comics that I'm working on. SUCCESS! Came back on Wednesday to Seattle. The next two days were a mixture of getting small things done like taxes and visiting a few of my stores.

Highlight: On Friday a rad guy named Joshua wrote about me in his BLOG. Click on that, to check it out.

Here are a few drawings I did this week.