Sunday, November 15, 2009

Store Interview - Whole Foods Market - Portland

Wendy is part of the Whole Body Team at the Downtown Portland Whole Foods Market. She was kind enough to give us some insight in to her store.

Whole Foods Market, Portland - 503.525.4343 - 1210 NW Couch Street Portland, OR 97209

PB - How long have you owned/operated your store?
Wendy WFM - Our store has been open since March, 2002

PB - What do you like about running a store?
Wendy WFM - The customer interaction. There is usually a great story to be told

PB - What is a funny story from your store?
Wendy WFM - No funny stories at this point

PB - What made you choose Partybots Eco-Apparel?
Wendy WFM - You are local and your shirts are organic and super soft.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Interview with Revue Boutique in West Chester

We like Catherine from Revue - here is a little interview we did with her about her store.

The Revue Boutique & Gallery - 484.356.7263 - 138 E Gay St. West Chester, PA 19380

PB - How long have you owned/operated your store?
Catherine - I have operated/owned The Revue Boutique and Gallery since September 2008.

PB - What do you like about running a store?
Catherine - My favorite things about running a store is being my own boss. I also like shop for inventory for the store, keeping an eye out for new trends and cool items.

PB - What is a funny story from your store?
Catherine - A funny, cute story about the store happened during what we call Gallery Walk. Gallery Walk is when shop is our town showcase art by local artists. Well, my 6 year old daughter wanted to show her drawings. At first i was not sure about the idea but after talking it over with some friends she showed about 20 pieces with her profits going to Alex's Lemonade Stand. She made almost $50!

PB - What made you choose Partybots Eco-Apparel?
Catherine - We choose Party-bots Eco- Apparel not only for it's unique, humorous designs but also because it goes along with our business plan to eco-friendly. We get so many compliments on the feel on our shirts, i tell them its because its organic, i really think thats what sells the shirt even more then the graphic!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7seven Year Anniversary Party

Please come join us and help celebrate 7 years of being in business! We are proud to be a growing small business, one that is ethical in both environmental & animal compassion responsibilities.

Our success does not go without thanking everyone that has supported us throughout these past 7 years. We are proud to produce top notch artwork - and plan on producing a lot more in the up coming years.

Food, Drinks, Gift Bags & A Whole Lot More!

Sunday November 29th 7pm @ Rendezvous 2322 2nd Ave. Seattle WA 98121 - 206.441.5823

Please RSVP:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview with 20 Twenty in Ballard

20 Twenty proudly sells Partybots Eco-Apparel & Art in Ballard. Check them out!

20 Twenty - 206.706.0969 - 5208 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107

PB - How long have you owned/operated your store?
20 Twenty - How long? we've been open for almost five years, but i've been doing variations of the store for seven years (fremont market, rummage, selling in other people's stores, etc).

PB - What do you like about running a store?
20 Twenty - freedom man. owning your own space is a TON of work, but it is also really rewarding in that you decide how successful and interesting your space is. the more you put in energetically, the better the space becomes. and if you want to coast for a week, and then work your ass off for the two weeks proceeding that week, then by all means, go ahead-- no one is going to stop you.

in my particular case, i also get to collaborate and work with a ton of different local artists, which is both inspiring, and rewarding. good stuff.

PB - What is a funny story from your store?
20 Twenty - can i tell a funny story about another space i co-own (cairo gallery??)

that space is funny, because it's named "cairo" (as in egypt), which is obvious when you see it spelled out...duh. but if you are an angry t.v. watcher trying to contact your local news station "KIRO" Channel 4, which happens to be pronounced like "cairo", and you are using 411, they often will give you our number. an art gallery. suffice to say, we get a bunch of really funny messages on our voice mail, from people cursing out the traffic reports, to ole folks complimenting the weather reporters haircut. fucking rad.

and yes we are saving those messages!

PB - What made you choose Partybots Eco-Apparel?
20 Twenty - i love partybots hand drawn style...any joker can russle up an image of a sasquatch off the interwebs and silkscreen it on a t-shirt, but partybots brings it home with the original style, drawn from the brain, always interesting.

also it doesn't hurt that karl is so handsome.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swift Industries & Partybots

Super awesome colab with Swift Industries. Check out their very limited Holiday Gift set featuring my Velocipede drawing. Oh, and they have a little interview about Partybots posted. Hooray!

"Choose from our classic Roll Top Panniers, or the Swift.Industries’ original Pelican Porteur Bag. Each body is carefully constructed out of Herbert Rice’s world-known Waxwear Oiled Canvas, and exhibits an original illustration by Seattle’s very own Karl Addison. The drawing is screen-printed by the artist and heat pressed to withstand your cycling adventures’ wear and tear. All models are complimented with black grosgrain ribbon, brown stitching, and our token pink and deep brown fox logo, and come lined with a durable vinyl interior."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot New Photos - Company BIO

More amazing new photos & a great new company profile:

“Drawing is one of the most important factors of my existence. It is how I communicate my observations, experiences & world with the people that contribute to it.” — Karl Addison

Founded in 2003 by Seattle artist Karl Addison, Partybots is an environmentally conscience business with two goals: to be actively creative everyday and to have as little impact on the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

To be actively creative takes hard work, dedication, imagination, and experience. Each one of Karl’s designs is an original piece of art that represents beats—small changes—that happen around him everyday. Taken as a whole, his body of work represents graphic souvenirs from his travels around the world, from Tokyo to his front porch.

To carry out this mission of sustainability, Karl holds himself and his business to very high environmental and ethical standards. His printing process uses the latest eco-friendly methods, including platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy.

Karl is also passionate about the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals. He strongly agrees with MFA’s belief that non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals with morally significant interests and rights. He believes the work they do is so impassioned and important that, $2 of every online apparel sale and 5% of all wholesale orders is donated to MFA. To find out more about this organization, please visit their website at

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great New Product Shots

Kevin from Killustrate just did some amazing new product shots for us. Super stoked on the first batch that was sent. These will be posted shortly for sale.

Monday, October 19, 2009

8ft Bubba - Wheat Paste

New art installation in Fremont, Seattle. 8ft Bubba face to make the folks smile a bit.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Branch Out Store In New Orleans!

What happens when you mix super cute girls with sustainable apparel in New Orleans? Stuck? Well, I will tell you, you get a super amazing store that just opened called Branch Out. They are located at 2022 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130. If you are in the great state of Louisiana check out their store. And of course - they carry Partybots Eco-Apparel & Art.

Branch Out
2022 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
phone: (504)371-5913
fax: (504) 373-5459

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Color, More Lines

New works are coming along nicely. Soon these will be put in to production for more art installations throughout the city.

See below for the first installments.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Color & Oversized Wheat Pasting Street Art

Moving in to color for some larger street art projects. Recently found a reasonable resource for full color oversized prints. Been working on some newer full color lined drawings featuring these characters I have been drawing. Here are some of the first installations throughout the city.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buy One Get One FREE Sale!

Buy One Get One FREE
Randomly Simple...

Panacea - 100% Organic Cotton Crew NeckWe love to give stuff away, and we love to keep things simple. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

How: Buy any apparel item & get a FREE Random Shirt. In the comments tell us what size you want.

Ends On 09.25.09

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Pre-Order Today

Pharmacy CollectionOur Fall 2009 Line is up and ready for Pre-Order! Release date is October 15th 2009.

Fall 2009 consists of Floral Botanical & Vintage Medical/Pharmacy. The Botanical collection was a snap to get done, once I found out about it - I knew exactly what I wanted to draw and the style of the plants I wanted. The organic textures and shapes where a lot of fun to do. Plus with nature - you can use a lot of your imagination to create and fill in the gaps. The second collection for this season was a lot harder. It took me several weeks to lock down the imagery that I wanted to use for it. I'm very happy with all three of them. The detail on the old bottle was a lot of fun, I love the composition on the vintage stethoscope and Phrenology seemed like such a great concept. I sort of made up a lot of the sections of the brain - hooray!

Click Here To Pre-Order!

Floral Botanical Collection

Photography by Kevin Kauer

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Party Crasher - The Stranger & iNVASiON Party

Just came across this today:

"Party Crasher
A Very Small Man Attacks an Art Installation with a Mace

This Guerrilla Art Party asked more of its attendees than to simply look at art. We were to dismantle and then "remantle" a piece by local artist and T-shirt designer Karl Addison in Cal Anderson Park. As I walked through the apartment door, there it was: Invasion! The large wall of five heavy wood doors was covered with white paper and 99 paper bags, each plastered with a different expression. Anna, our charming hostess, offered to keep the piece in her living room when it did not sell at the artist's show in May. Addison—who was a no-show—agreed, as long as it was eventually relocated to a public space.

The party was slow to start, but that was remedied by Anna's penchant for filling everyone's glasses with whiskey. As we sat talking by the baba ghanoush and spinach dip, I realized that virtually all of the attendees had at some point worked in grocery stores, which inspired a partyer to observe that "it's a grocer's world."

After getting sufficiently drunk, the grocers and I were out the door, carrying the disassembled work to the park. The scene was priceless: heavily inebriated guests wielding power tools and a friendly dwarf named Sammy who was wielding his mace—not the Mace you spray, but the spiked-ball-and-chain-on-a-handle preferred by Visigoths. This guy had something to prove. Later, after we reassembled the installation, Anna scolded Sammy for attacking the art with his weapon."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



How: Buy any apparel item & get a FREE Random Shirt. In the comments tell us what size you want.

Ends On 09.25.09

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bikes & Boat Journals - New Artwork!

Three New Journals with New Artwork. Available at my Store.

Bike Color Theory: This artwork was drawn for Art Velo - a local based art show for bikes here in Seattle. I saw the saddles displayed this way and within seconds had the primary and secondary color wheels pop in my head. That is pretty typical for my brain to think of art concepts at everything I see. So, I ran with it the idea and drew it up by hand. Hooray! So, enjoy this little mix of bikes and color theory.

Vintage Bike Couple: Vintage for fun - another drawing done for Velo Art. Inspired by a classical romantic era. Seems as though they are having a pretty good conversation about dinosaurs or maybe bikes. Either way they are dressed to kill - and have the transportation to do so.

Ship Wheel: I like this little steering wheel - a basic line drawing for a friend of mine Ponch. He wanted it tattooed on the back of his leg. The sweet part is I drew this for him, and got to tattoo it on him thanks to my brother being in town and teaching me how to tattoo. One of those situations where everyone wins. Happy with the color version and the brown tones used.

Artwork by Karl Addison