Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview with 20 Twenty in Ballard

20 Twenty proudly sells Partybots Eco-Apparel & Art in Ballard. Check them out!

20 Twenty - 206.706.0969 - 5208 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107

PB - How long have you owned/operated your store?
20 Twenty - How long? we've been open for almost five years, but i've been doing variations of the store for seven years (fremont market, rummage, selling in other people's stores, etc).

PB - What do you like about running a store?
20 Twenty - freedom man. owning your own space is a TON of work, but it is also really rewarding in that you decide how successful and interesting your space is. the more you put in energetically, the better the space becomes. and if you want to coast for a week, and then work your ass off for the two weeks proceeding that week, then by all means, go ahead-- no one is going to stop you.

in my particular case, i also get to collaborate and work with a ton of different local artists, which is both inspiring, and rewarding. good stuff.

PB - What is a funny story from your store?
20 Twenty - can i tell a funny story about another space i co-own (cairo gallery??)

that space is funny, because it's named "cairo" (as in egypt), which is obvious when you see it spelled out...duh. but if you are an angry t.v. watcher trying to contact your local news station "KIRO" Channel 4, which happens to be pronounced like "cairo", and you are using 411, they often will give you our number. an art gallery. suffice to say, we get a bunch of really funny messages on our voice mail, from people cursing out the traffic reports, to ole folks complimenting the weather reporters haircut. fucking rad.

and yes we are saving those messages!

PB - What made you choose Partybots Eco-Apparel?
20 Twenty - i love partybots hand drawn style...any joker can russle up an image of a sasquatch off the interwebs and silkscreen it on a t-shirt, but partybots brings it home with the original style, drawn from the brain, always interesting.

also it doesn't hurt that karl is so handsome.

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