Friday, June 26, 2009

Evolution - Re-Designed - New Site

Always moving forward

In the process of re-designing my site for the Japanese market, I decided I liked the concept much better and wanted to update my own website as well.

Partybots is now featuring our currently art themes - for this summer it is the Ocean & Bike themes. All the product will change coming on the next season. So, the suggestion is to get it now while it is easy to do so.

Our site will still be active and alive as always. My website is going to be much more focused on the latest and greatest.


To help promote the new site and new summer collection we are offering FREE shipping!

We make it easy, make your purchase - in the comments say: "New Site!" Once we see the order we will refund the shipping charge.

This gold ghost is really in to the idea of FREE!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Featured on 24:00 - Amazing Interview!

Allison from BLOG 24:00 just did a great interview feature of Partybots, Street Art and an Interview. One of the best interviews I have done - the questions were a lot of fun to answer and more in-depth in to my work. Pretty pumped on it.

To see 24:00 CLICK HERE

Here is a quick version of it:

Partybots in Tokyo!
Interview: Karl Addison, Street Artist & Founder/Owner of Partybots Eco Apparel & Art

You may remember this post from a several months ago when I was back in Seattle. I took some picture’s of Karl’s street art, he saw the post on, and emailed me. From that I learned more about his awesome art and eco-apparel business, Partybots. He was recently in Tokyo so we met up and I got to do a little ‘urban research.’

How did Partybots start?

It started in 2003 while I was living in a tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles. Basically as a quasi joke – I wanted to find out how paypal worked plus I love starting new projects as long as they pertain to art. The two original designs were the Merkin & Partybots. Merkin was a joke from back home in Arizona – because novelty pubic wigs are hilarious and should become more popular. Lost in an age of unquestionable fashion. The Partybots were drawn for my 21st birthday flier to prompt the crashing of a Chucky Cheese on a Wednesday night among friends. Some lady bought 6 shirts from me off the worst website I have ever created, then I used that money to re-invest in more artwork and shirts. Kept sinking all the profit back in until I bought my own printing press and eventually quit my 9-5 job to pre-sue my drawing tycoon dream.

What are your main objectives with this business?

From the get go of bringing my production and printing in-house I wanted to maintain two objectives - A: to be as sustainable in my printing process as humanly possible – which carried over into every other aspect of my business – and B: To make my art prints as artistic as humanly possible while providing a quality product for folks to love and enjoy.

What were you doing in Tokyo? Is this your first time in Japan?

I had three main objectives while in Tokyo on this trip: to create new business contacts and opportunities – including distribution deals, create visible street art that interacts with its environment, and to ride my bike. This is my second trip to Japan. I’m glad to have learned the language a bit more and to know the geography way better thanks to walking around endlessly and riding my bike as much as humanly possible.

Did you see a lot of eco-apparel in Japan?

I saw a lot more eco-friendly efforts in many different regards all around Tokyo. I’m sure eco-apparel is around, and there were a few stores I went in to that were producing 100% Organic Cotton apparel. Eco-Apparel is a smaller category in the over-all scheme of industry in Tokyo, but the basic efforts in increasing general public awareness are a huge step forward in the right direction. Examples are all the public signage prompting recycling and re-using, seeing an Eco-Street in Harajuku off of Omotesando Dori, and researching to find out that Japan has the highest number of patents on eco-friendly products and technology in the world. All of these cast light on the concept of understanding and taking care of what we have. Even from my trip a year ago I was extremely impressed by the overall environmental awareness.

Since you’ve been to Tokyo twice now, what’s your advice? Likes/ dislikes?

My likes are how friendly people are – regardless of the language barrier, the food, hidden street art, how tightly packed everything is and the synergy of the city. My dislike is not being able to speak more Japanese to communicate. The subways are great, but my number one piece of advice is just to explore – don’t worry about getting lost because you can always find someone quickly to point you in the right direction.

Mustache Box sticker, Shibuya
You are a pretty prolific street artist, what are your views on street art/ graffiti?

Street art is very complicated and gets a lot of bad press. There are so many different types of art on the streets and for many different reasons. In a lot of ways it is ingrained in to our genetic DNA. Neanderthals painted on cave walls as a way to communicate and leave their mark. In my opinion it is as simple as that. Imagery & iconography cross all language barriers - they are universally understood regardless of background. Tagging is just that – a way to communicate and leave a mark behind. To me, that is the beginning of street art and it expands to every other mode including painting (throw-ups, pieces, murals), wheat pasting, and installations. There is no black and white in it, the concept is too gray in regards to what is right or wrong location-wise.
I have my own ethics that I live by when doing work on the streets. There is a lot that goes through my mind when choosing where to display my work and on what. Everyone is different in their opinions on what is acceptable. As far as I’m concerned, every city has a large amount of public space – this space should be utilized for art and culture. I don’t walk down the street to be besieged by advertisers everywhere I turn – that is not acceptable nor do I want to look at it in every clear space between buildings. If that is ok then there is space for my art installations too- which are there for others to enjoy and give people a reason to look up from their feet while walking down the street.

How do you come up with your drawings? What is your artistic process like?

Drawing for me is the same as breathing. I have disciplined myself to do it every day. From the smallest doodle that no one will ever see to my more complex drawings that I publish often. I listen and observe everything around me to pull ideas and concepts from. I study every composition I see for new styles, techniques and methods of drawing. My eyes have this terrible habit of just starring at people, places and things. At first I see them for what they are, then I immediately break them down in to shapes, texture and value as if I’m drawing them in my head. Once you become aware of it, you see it everywhere. If my drawings and art are not entertaining me – then I should not be doing them. In general, I laugh out loud at the simple stupid ideas that I draw.

Where do you get your inspiration? What other artists are you into?

Inspiration is everywhere – you just need to use your senses to become aware of it. Some of my art heroes are Robert Crumb, Jackson Pollock, Henry Darger, Ray Johnson, Jeffery Brown – but not limited to those. I find out about new artists daily that are producing incredible works. In a very, very nerdy way – I rent as many art films as I can get my hands on from Netflix. Tons of biographies, interviews, documentaries and featured films about other artists. It keeps me wanting to create all the time.

How often do you come out with new products?

During the past 6 years I have just randomly come out with new drawings that either folks have requested from my drawings or ones that entertain me. At this current time I have over 91 choices of artwork on my website – there are more in the past that I don’t offer any longer. I would say I add about 18 a year – so that is about 1.5 new printed drawings per month. Right now I’m doing seasonal themes for my artwork. Pretty pumped on the concept of themed artwork. For summer 2009 the themes are Bikes & Ocean. I’m very proud of how they turned out in both the original drawings and the screen printed versions.

Anything else you want people to know?

From here on out I want to see Partybots grow as an artistic endeavor, a business, and an inspiration to other artists. For me personally, I love the fact that I can officially draw for a living – it is really hard to explain exactly what I do for a living, but the simple answer is, “i draw a lot.” In addition to that, the process of screen printing has literally changed the method in which I draw. I have adapted my drawings to the concept behind multiple printed layers by utilizing stroke width – cross hatch, hatch & stippling to showcase texture and value.
My business and art it has taken me to places I never thought I would be able to go, to produce art internationally, and to meet amazing friends. I love doing what I’m doing. My dreams and hopes are to grow Partybots to the point where it is a vessel to help create all my other artistic endeavors. The best advice I can give to other artists is to just do what you do and produce your artwork.

Up Next: If you’re in the Seattle area be sure to check out Karl Addison’s upcoming show Give Up – an art opening at Retrofit Homes in Capitol Hill on Thursday, July 9th.
Take a look at for the online store and to see the list of distributors in your area.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give Up - Art Show @ Retrofit Homes

Retrofit Home - Seattle, Capitol Hill Washington - Arts - Exhibit

Thursday, July 9, 2009 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm @ Retrofit Homes - Seattle, 1419 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA - 206.568.4663

These ghosts are a concepts I have been working with for several months now. I started drawing them as a way to relax myself with the concept of "giving up." Not in an negative fashion - giving up on all the things that bother me and stress me out.

Illustrating & drawing becomes my visual identity to all the images that are alive in my head. The aspects of who I am come out in small details throughout my artwork. Parts of my life dictate the subject matter – emotional catastrophes, self image, experiences & my environment all entwine together. The aspiration of my work is to share these visual images beyond my own reality and with those that contribute to it.

The raw basics of my artwork are simple – a few different styles of ink pens and a couple blank sheets of paper. Most concepts brew in my head for a few weeks before they are sketched in. By the time my process starts there is general intent and composition behind it. Details are always left blank; this allows me the flexibility to change my artwork during the process. The originals are stored away in my archival books, but the images are re-produced using several printmaking techniques I have taught myself.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Ready, Leaving & Layovers

Sitting at the airport in Vancouver, Canada right now taking advantage of the free WIFI.

I wanted to post about my pre-leaving for Tokyo but did not have a chance. So now that I have the time - here we go.

Thursday the 10th slept for 3 hours then back up at 6am. Started my online marketing routine and got my stuff together to run two errands in the morning. My errands turned in to three as the morning progressed. Rode my bike from West Seattle down to SODO to the freewall. Had this drawing in mind that I wanted to give a whirl to paint. Quick hustle down there partially thanks to Relationship Of Command loudly in my ear.

At the freewall I used two colors - this baby soft blue I'm really in to right now and black. Did my fill - uneven per the norm. Why is it so hard to have two sides of a drawing or anything match up? I don't know the science behind it, but I'm assuming there are some wizards behind the conspiracy. Once the fill was done I went in with black. Messed up the eyes, quickly so I had to re-paint with the fill - wait then try again. That is the nice thing about paint - you just do it over and over till you get it. Cutting in here and there to clean up your lines and work. Within no time it was outline and filled in. Pretty happy with. Once I was done I started thinking of how I could improve it - something I do to all my art projects. Constant progression.

Rode to downtown to get yen from WellsFargo for my trip. It's nice being able to just walk in and not get charged anything but the exchange rate. Way to make it easy el banko. After leaving I rode around to the spots that have polar bears on poles and took pictures. One was next to Cherry Street Coffee next to the SAM. As I was riding I saw AJ in the shop and stopped to say hello. He is a super nice guy - bought me a shirt because he thought I would like it. And I did - it was amazing. Finished with downtown taking pictures and rode home.

More computer work - processing online orders and some marketing that I do. Posted a picture of the polar bears in downtown on They posted on their site and featured it. (did not find this out till the next day) Super pumped to see it on that website.

Right as I was finishing up online work it was around noon and my shirts came. And I mean a lot of them. 6 wholesale orders and a TON of online orders. I went to work separating out the blanks and pulling them for all the orders. Banged out the first batch quickly - all one colors had my printing press pre-set-up. Printed all the way till 11pm. My friend Trisha was sewing in labels along with at times my roommates Sarah and Jessica. In addition to their help - Robin came by after work and stayed nearly till midnight helping keep things organized and packing the orders as the shirts were printed and their labels sewn in. The bottom line - I would not have go everything done if it were not for all four of them. I have amazing friends - and appreciate everything they do for me. I did not stop working till 2am. So a long, long day - yes.

I had an hour or so to get my bike taken apart, packed, showered and out the door to pick up JC. I have never packed this lightly for a trip which makes me super happy. Not counting my bike - which is relatively light weight. Trisha drove JC and I to the airport - went in and got on our plane. Flew here to Canada - walked around, took some photos and now posting.

Maybe a nap is due before we leave to Narita.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bikes & Ocean Themed Artwork For Sale

Ocean Theme: Keep it cool with our water theme!
Karl Addison has created the coolest, cutest & most radical art that the ocean has ever seen! Special for summer, be the first to get Partybots new artwork. The collection includes Tuna Fish, Narwhal & Beluga, & a Sea Otter.

Bike Theme: Ride on!
What is more fun than the sun shining down cruising along on your bicycle enjoying the summer day? Partybots brings you the bicycle theme. Your customers will love the detailed hand drawn artwork! The collection includes True Romance Bike Ride, Velocipede, & a Smashing Bike Messenger.

Get em HERE!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Journals - Write Something on Ocean & Biked Themed

Hand Cut, Stapled and Assembled In-House. Great for a little journal to write all your secrets and plots in or a great little sketch book to keep you drawing everyday!

Paper: 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper Stock
Page Number: 20
Size: 4.25 Inches Wide by 5.5 Inches Heigh
Artwork: Original works by Karl Addison

Two Themes: Ocean & Bikes

Keep it cool with our water theme!
Karl has created the coolest, cutest & most radical art that the ocean has ever seen! Special for summer, be the first to get Partybots new collection of ocean artwork. The collection includes Fish, Narwhals, Otters & more....check out all of the artwork.

Ride on!!
What is more fun than the sun shining down cruzing along on your bicycle enjoying the summer day? Partybots brings you the bicycle collection! Show your cycling love with this super styling collection. Check out all the fresh bicycle art.

Click here to see all the journals!