Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Ready, Leaving & Layovers

Sitting at the airport in Vancouver, Canada right now taking advantage of the free WIFI.

I wanted to post about my pre-leaving for Tokyo but did not have a chance. So now that I have the time - here we go.

Thursday the 10th slept for 3 hours then back up at 6am. Started my online marketing routine and got my stuff together to run two errands in the morning. My errands turned in to three as the morning progressed. Rode my bike from West Seattle down to SODO to the freewall. Had this drawing in mind that I wanted to give a whirl to paint. Quick hustle down there partially thanks to Relationship Of Command loudly in my ear.

At the freewall I used two colors - this baby soft blue I'm really in to right now and black. Did my fill - uneven per the norm. Why is it so hard to have two sides of a drawing or anything match up? I don't know the science behind it, but I'm assuming there are some wizards behind the conspiracy. Once the fill was done I went in with black. Messed up the eyes, quickly so I had to re-paint with the fill - wait then try again. That is the nice thing about paint - you just do it over and over till you get it. Cutting in here and there to clean up your lines and work. Within no time it was outline and filled in. Pretty happy with. Once I was done I started thinking of how I could improve it - something I do to all my art projects. Constant progression.

Rode to downtown to get yen from WellsFargo for my trip. It's nice being able to just walk in and not get charged anything but the exchange rate. Way to make it easy el banko. After leaving I rode around to the spots that have polar bears on poles and took pictures. One was next to Cherry Street Coffee next to the SAM. As I was riding I saw AJ in the shop and stopped to say hello. He is a super nice guy - bought me a shirt because he thought I would like it. And I did - it was amazing. Finished with downtown taking pictures and rode home.

More computer work - processing online orders and some marketing that I do. Posted a picture of the polar bears in downtown on They posted on their site and featured it. (did not find this out till the next day) Super pumped to see it on that website.

Right as I was finishing up online work it was around noon and my shirts came. And I mean a lot of them. 6 wholesale orders and a TON of online orders. I went to work separating out the blanks and pulling them for all the orders. Banged out the first batch quickly - all one colors had my printing press pre-set-up. Printed all the way till 11pm. My friend Trisha was sewing in labels along with at times my roommates Sarah and Jessica. In addition to their help - Robin came by after work and stayed nearly till midnight helping keep things organized and packing the orders as the shirts were printed and their labels sewn in. The bottom line - I would not have go everything done if it were not for all four of them. I have amazing friends - and appreciate everything they do for me. I did not stop working till 2am. So a long, long day - yes.

I had an hour or so to get my bike taken apart, packed, showered and out the door to pick up JC. I have never packed this lightly for a trip which makes me super happy. Not counting my bike - which is relatively light weight. Trisha drove JC and I to the airport - went in and got on our plane. Flew here to Canada - walked around, took some photos and now posting.

Maybe a nap is due before we leave to Narita.

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