Saturday, September 26, 2009

Color & Oversized Wheat Pasting Street Art

Moving in to color for some larger street art projects. Recently found a reasonable resource for full color oversized prints. Been working on some newer full color lined drawings featuring these characters I have been drawing. Here are some of the first installations throughout the city.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Randomly Simple...

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Pharmacy CollectionOur Fall 2009 Line is up and ready for Pre-Order! Release date is October 15th 2009.

Fall 2009 consists of Floral Botanical & Vintage Medical/Pharmacy. The Botanical collection was a snap to get done, once I found out about it - I knew exactly what I wanted to draw and the style of the plants I wanted. The organic textures and shapes where a lot of fun to do. Plus with nature - you can use a lot of your imagination to create and fill in the gaps. The second collection for this season was a lot harder. It took me several weeks to lock down the imagery that I wanted to use for it. I'm very happy with all three of them. The detail on the old bottle was a lot of fun, I love the composition on the vintage stethoscope and Phrenology seemed like such a great concept. I sort of made up a lot of the sections of the brain - hooray!

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Floral Botanical Collection

Photography by Kevin Kauer

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Party Crasher - The Stranger & iNVASiON Party

Just came across this today:

"Party Crasher
A Very Small Man Attacks an Art Installation with a Mace

This Guerrilla Art Party asked more of its attendees than to simply look at art. We were to dismantle and then "remantle" a piece by local artist and T-shirt designer Karl Addison in Cal Anderson Park. As I walked through the apartment door, there it was: Invasion! The large wall of five heavy wood doors was covered with white paper and 99 paper bags, each plastered with a different expression. Anna, our charming hostess, offered to keep the piece in her living room when it did not sell at the artist's show in May. Addison—who was a no-show—agreed, as long as it was eventually relocated to a public space.

The party was slow to start, but that was remedied by Anna's penchant for filling everyone's glasses with whiskey. As we sat talking by the baba ghanoush and spinach dip, I realized that virtually all of the attendees had at some point worked in grocery stores, which inspired a partyer to observe that "it's a grocer's world."

After getting sufficiently drunk, the grocers and I were out the door, carrying the disassembled work to the park. The scene was priceless: heavily inebriated guests wielding power tools and a friendly dwarf named Sammy who was wielding his mace—not the Mace you spray, but the spiked-ball-and-chain-on-a-handle preferred by Visigoths. This guy had something to prove. Later, after we reassembled the installation, Anna scolded Sammy for attacking the art with his weapon."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



How: Buy any apparel item & get a FREE Random Shirt. In the comments tell us what size you want.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bikes & Boat Journals - New Artwork!

Three New Journals with New Artwork. Available at my Store.

Bike Color Theory: This artwork was drawn for Art Velo - a local based art show for bikes here in Seattle. I saw the saddles displayed this way and within seconds had the primary and secondary color wheels pop in my head. That is pretty typical for my brain to think of art concepts at everything I see. So, I ran with it the idea and drew it up by hand. Hooray! So, enjoy this little mix of bikes and color theory.

Vintage Bike Couple: Vintage for fun - another drawing done for Velo Art. Inspired by a classical romantic era. Seems as though they are having a pretty good conversation about dinosaurs or maybe bikes. Either way they are dressed to kill - and have the transportation to do so.

Ship Wheel: I like this little steering wheel - a basic line drawing for a friend of mine Ponch. He wanted it tattooed on the back of his leg. The sweet part is I drew this for him, and got to tattoo it on him thanks to my brother being in town and teaching me how to tattoo. One of those situations where everyone wins. Happy with the color version and the brown tones used.

Artwork by Karl Addison