Friday, July 31, 2009

Eagle Carrying Little Girl Wood Installation - 36 x 30 Inch - Recycled Wood Large Format Mounted Drawing

Sunday night was a good night. Was able to install some new art installation in Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington. This is one of them, my Eagle Carrying A Little Girl. A Shark Wearing A Jean Jacket, and several Polar Bears wearing Ties went up as well.

Titled: Eagle Carrying Little Girl
Dimensions: 36 x 30
Date: 2009
Medium: Large Scale Drawing Mounted on Recycled Wood

Customizable: If you have a specify size, I can make this to order. Please contact for more details.

This is a drawing I did last year while working at a friends book store part time. Inspired by classical illustrated books - a story where an eagle swoops in to the village to carry off little girls who misbehave. Drawing has been printed on a large format printer, mounted to recycled wood and hand cut out.

Artwork by Karl Addison

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In PDX- Rose City Fix release August 15th

Super sweet - proud to be sponsoring this book release in Portland. There will be an alley cat, trick comp and a lot more fun stuff. It is rad to mix bikes and artwork - this book is going to be epic so check it out:

I would strongly suggest getting a copy. And you can count on me being down there as well.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Official Sneak Peak - Fall & Winter Artwork Collections

First and foremost - Jodi is amazing and has done it again for these seasonal themed collections of artwork. Her insight, and ideas are incredible. For me, it is a super rad challenge to try and figure out how and what I'm going to draw for each themed art collection she gives me. I'm also liking the concept more and more of seasonal artwork that changes out and is highly focused.

Fall 2009:
Fall 2009 consists of Floral Botanical & Vintage Medical/Pharmacy. The Botanical collection was a snap to get done, once I found out about it - I knew exactly what I wanted to draw and the style of the plants I wanted. The organic textures and shapes where a lot of fun to do. Plus with nature - you can use a lot of your imagination to create and fill in the gaps. The second collection for this season was a lot harder. It took me several weeks to lock down the imagery that I wanted to use for it. I'm very happy with all three of them. The detail on the old bottle was a lot of fun, I love the composition on the vintage stethoscope and Phrenology seemed like such a great concept. I sort of made up a lot of the sections of the brain - hooray!

Winter 2009:
The two collections for this season is Geometric Shapes & Street Ware. My first attempt at the Geometric was to combine it with Victorian Silhouettes using a Bauhaus style. It did not work out so well. The end compositions were pretty neat and planned out pretty well using the different shapes - but overall it looked to designed to me and not hand drawn. So I scrapped that idea and moved on to the Geometric Animals. The bee looks like a honeycomb, the deers utilizes stripes as in roads that are cutting their environment down and the Chickens have a pretty sweet egg pattern. Super pumped on how these turned out. The second collection for this season is Street Ware. Super rad 80s cheese-ball glasses along with sneakers and some rad lipstick.

These are going to be mega hot when they get released - so get pumped now because you have a lot to look forward to.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Re-Post from:

Gabe who writes for baldmanwatching blog invited myself out to do some artwork on their wall to promote kids to vote. Pretty rad!

Check it out:

Karl Addison of Partbots fame go’s to work on the Washington Bus wall at the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drawing Machine

As of right now I have a HUGE pile of drawings I'm trying to get done. Drawing in themes has been a lot of fun and I'm really in to it for sure. You all can thank Jodi for her amazing insight in this. I have one more theme left to draw for winter 2009 collection - then a bunch of bike drawings for Velo Art which is done by Go Means Go - then to finish these Magpies for Matt. Dang - I need to start drawing again to get this all done.

Enjoy these!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amelia Bauer’s - Opening @ Cairo

Hooray for Cairo!  Cairo is a great art gallery here in Seattle and ran by the amazing Joel & Justine.  Their gallery space is having an incredible opening on July 23rd.  I will be heading over there early when it opens, then off to my birthday party!

Opening Reception Thursday, July 23th at 7.00 PM
On view from July 23th – September 1st

Amelia Bauer’s work considers ways in which the decorative arts throughout the history of western civilization have attempted to organize the chaos of the natural world. The pieces in her newest show entitled STILL reflect that tendency, while also examining the coinciding romanticization of, and fascination with violence. In STILL, Bauer presents a peculiar kind of rubble: a pile of pillows on the gallery floor. Each pillow in the pile uses needlepoint to photo-realistically depict a different car explosion scene from a Hollywood movie. Handkerchiefs line the walls of the gallery. In each handkerchief, a cinema-derived scene of defenestration is rendered in lace.

The movie stills Bauer has chosen to translate into needlepoint and lace are pulled from varying film genres--from romantic comedy to horror--produced between 1948 and 2009. Significantly, all of her sources are American productions. These bright flowering explosions and shards of shattering glass are the decorative elements that bejewel so many Hollywood films. The natural impulse to violence is depicted in cinema as glamourous decoration. The Hollywood machine is America’s own decadence of empire. The artworks in STILL resonate between an homage to this decadence and a mourning place for the fictional victims within these stories.

Amelia Bauer is a Brooklyn based artist born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been living in New York for the past 12 years, excluding a ten-month working vacation in Seattle in 2005. She is a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and received her BFA with honors from the School of Art at The Cooper Union. Her work has been exhibited at Capricious gallery in Brooklyn, the Swarovski Crystal Palace at Art Basel Miami, Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver B.C., CCA Santa Fe, the Center on Contemporary Arts in Seattle, American Fine Arts in New York City, New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, Miami Museum of Art, and National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution. Her drawings have been published in The New York Times, the Believer and Warrior Magazines, and several McSweeney’s publications.

For inquiries, please contact Joel Leshefka or Justine Ashbee at 206.453.4077.

Cairo has been open for 1 year. Thank you for your continued support!
507 E Mercer St
Seattle, WA
Open Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm


Book Release! idrawalot - 2008

Finally, Finally, FINALLY!

After nearly 8 months of working on this book, It is done - sent to the printers and on it's way here!  Started off as my "Addison Art Project - 2008" which was a collection of drawings from throughout the year.  After creating the entire book for one publisher, I had some helpful insight from a good friend and a much stronger recommendation.  

For the betterment, it did create turmoil - all the page layouts I had done were null & void for the recommended printer.  So, I had to throw all that work away and start from scratch.  It took awhile for me to get back on the saddle to get this project done.  After much thoughtful consideration I decided to change the name as well to "idrawalot."  It is a collection of my drawings, so that makes much more sense to me.  I'm going to reserve "Addison Art Project" for all my artwork that is drawings and goes beyond drawings like my installations, gallery shows, printing, etc...

pre-order your copy of the new idrawalot - 2008 collection of drawings by karl addison! shipping date: mid August 2009! Get It HERE

About: Softcover Book, 72 pages of drawings & illustrations throughout the year of 2008.

Art & drawing becomes my visual identity to all the images that are alive in my head. The aspects of who I am come out in small details throughout my artwork. Parts of my life dictate the subject matter – emotional catastrophes, self image, experiences & my environment all entwine together. The aspiration of my work is to share these visual images beyond my own reality and with those that contribute to it.

The raw basics of my artwork are simple – a few different styles of ink pens and a couple blank sheets of paper. Most concepts brew in my head for a few weeks before they are sketched in. By the time my process starts there is general intent and composition behind it. Details are always left blank; this allows me the flexibility to change my artwork during the process. The originals are stored away in my archival books.

hope you enjoy!

Artwork by Karl Addison


Thursday, July 16, 2009 - portfolio

Pretty happy with my new online portfolio & resume I just added to my site.  Trying to build this site up as a recorded history of my artwork in all aspects.  My drawings are a bases for 99% of more work - so I feel like it is all very fitting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yup, That's Moby wearing my Partybots Tee & Dorky Drawings!

As all good things this was passed on to me by a friend of a friend, then my friend to me. Pretty amazing - love the way the world works.

Moby in this photo by Michael Cerda is wearing my Rock-A-Phone shirt. So there are many amazing, rad, and unbelievable things about this photo. First off, the photo is shot very professionally - and looks incredible. Second, this specific print is done in silver - which is no longer available and was only done as a limited - LIMITED run.

I contacted Michael from to find out more about the background story of this photo. He was super nice and gave me a ton of information.

Yep, that's Moby.

The photo was taken in March of 2008 during the South by Southwest Film Festival where Moby was talking about his new site mobygratis which he created to help indie filmmakers. The site allowed filmmakers to used some of Moby's songs (some of his past songs as well as some original ones) in their films for free (hence the gratis part).

At the time, I had a site called The Filmlot, where I interviewed exceptional emerging independent filmmakers, so I was attending SXSW as part of my usual activities of writing about the latest and greatest filmmakers on the scene. Since Moby's new site was a great help for new filmmakers, I put in a request to interview him and to my surprise, they said ok. So I met with Moby, did the interview about his new site ( and took the picture to use as a header image for the interview. So that shirt is a shirt that he actually owns, that he just happened to be wearing that day. Also since the interview took place before his panel at SXSW, you may be able to find more examples of him wearing the shirt on the SXSW 2008 website." - Michael Cerda

Check Out Moby's Music @
Check Out Michael's Photos @