Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book Release! idrawalot - 2008

Finally, Finally, FINALLY!

After nearly 8 months of working on this book, It is done - sent to the printers and on it's way here!  Started off as my "Addison Art Project - 2008" which was a collection of drawings from throughout the year.  After creating the entire book for one publisher, I had some helpful insight from a good friend and a much stronger recommendation.  

For the betterment, it did create turmoil - all the page layouts I had done were null & void for the recommended printer.  So, I had to throw all that work away and start from scratch.  It took awhile for me to get back on the saddle to get this project done.  After much thoughtful consideration I decided to change the name as well to "idrawalot."  It is a collection of my drawings, so that makes much more sense to me.  I'm going to reserve "Addison Art Project" for all my artwork that is drawings and goes beyond drawings like my installations, gallery shows, printing, etc...

pre-order your copy of the new idrawalot - 2008 collection of drawings by karl addison! shipping date: mid August 2009! Get It HERE

About: Softcover Book, 72 pages of drawings & illustrations throughout the year of 2008.

Art & drawing becomes my visual identity to all the images that are alive in my head. The aspects of who I am come out in small details throughout my artwork. Parts of my life dictate the subject matter – emotional catastrophes, self image, experiences & my environment all entwine together. The aspiration of my work is to share these visual images beyond my own reality and with those that contribute to it.

The raw basics of my artwork are simple – a few different styles of ink pens and a couple blank sheets of paper. Most concepts brew in my head for a few weeks before they are sketched in. By the time my process starts there is general intent and composition behind it. Details are always left blank; this allows me the flexibility to change my artwork during the process. The originals are stored away in my archival books.

hope you enjoy!

Artwork by Karl Addison


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