Monday, July 27, 2009

Official Sneak Peak - Fall & Winter Artwork Collections

First and foremost - Jodi is amazing and has done it again for these seasonal themed collections of artwork. Her insight, and ideas are incredible. For me, it is a super rad challenge to try and figure out how and what I'm going to draw for each themed art collection she gives me. I'm also liking the concept more and more of seasonal artwork that changes out and is highly focused.

Fall 2009:
Fall 2009 consists of Floral Botanical & Vintage Medical/Pharmacy. The Botanical collection was a snap to get done, once I found out about it - I knew exactly what I wanted to draw and the style of the plants I wanted. The organic textures and shapes where a lot of fun to do. Plus with nature - you can use a lot of your imagination to create and fill in the gaps. The second collection for this season was a lot harder. It took me several weeks to lock down the imagery that I wanted to use for it. I'm very happy with all three of them. The detail on the old bottle was a lot of fun, I love the composition on the vintage stethoscope and Phrenology seemed like such a great concept. I sort of made up a lot of the sections of the brain - hooray!

Winter 2009:
The two collections for this season is Geometric Shapes & Street Ware. My first attempt at the Geometric was to combine it with Victorian Silhouettes using a Bauhaus style. It did not work out so well. The end compositions were pretty neat and planned out pretty well using the different shapes - but overall it looked to designed to me and not hand drawn. So I scrapped that idea and moved on to the Geometric Animals. The bee looks like a honeycomb, the deers utilizes stripes as in roads that are cutting their environment down and the Chickens have a pretty sweet egg pattern. Super pumped on how these turned out. The second collection for this season is Street Ware. Super rad 80s cheese-ball glasses along with sneakers and some rad lipstick.

These are going to be mega hot when they get released - so get pumped now because you have a lot to look forward to.

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