Friday, July 31, 2009

Eagle Carrying Little Girl Wood Installation - 36 x 30 Inch - Recycled Wood Large Format Mounted Drawing

Sunday night was a good night. Was able to install some new art installation in Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington. This is one of them, my Eagle Carrying A Little Girl. A Shark Wearing A Jean Jacket, and several Polar Bears wearing Ties went up as well.

Titled: Eagle Carrying Little Girl
Dimensions: 36 x 30
Date: 2009
Medium: Large Scale Drawing Mounted on Recycled Wood

Customizable: If you have a specify size, I can make this to order. Please contact for more details.

This is a drawing I did last year while working at a friends book store part time. Inspired by classical illustrated books - a story where an eagle swoops in to the village to carry off little girls who misbehave. Drawing has been printed on a large format printer, mounted to recycled wood and hand cut out.

Artwork by Karl Addison

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