Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yup, That's Moby wearing my Partybots Tee & Dorky Drawings!

As all good things this was passed on to me by a friend of a friend, then my friend to me. Pretty amazing - love the way the world works.

Moby in this photo by Michael Cerda is wearing my Rock-A-Phone shirt. So there are many amazing, rad, and unbelievable things about this photo. First off, the photo is shot very professionally - and looks incredible. Second, this specific print is done in silver - which is no longer available and was only done as a limited - LIMITED run.

I contacted Michael from to find out more about the background story of this photo. He was super nice and gave me a ton of information.

Yep, that's Moby.

The photo was taken in March of 2008 during the South by Southwest Film Festival where Moby was talking about his new site mobygratis which he created to help indie filmmakers. The site allowed filmmakers to used some of Moby's songs (some of his past songs as well as some original ones) in their films for free (hence the gratis part).

At the time, I had a site called The Filmlot, where I interviewed exceptional emerging independent filmmakers, so I was attending SXSW as part of my usual activities of writing about the latest and greatest filmmakers on the scene. Since Moby's new site was a great help for new filmmakers, I put in a request to interview him and to my surprise, they said ok. So I met with Moby, did the interview about his new site ( and took the picture to use as a header image for the interview. So that shirt is a shirt that he actually owns, that he just happened to be wearing that day. Also since the interview took place before his panel at SXSW, you may be able to find more examples of him wearing the shirt on the SXSW 2008 website." - Michael Cerda

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