Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bikes & Boat Journals - New Artwork!

Three New Journals with New Artwork. Available at my Etsy.com Store.

Bike Color Theory: This artwork was drawn for Art Velo - a local based art show for bikes here in Seattle. I saw the saddles displayed this way and within seconds had the primary and secondary color wheels pop in my head. That is pretty typical for my brain to think of art concepts at everything I see. So, I ran with it the idea and drew it up by hand. Hooray! So, enjoy this little mix of bikes and color theory.

Vintage Bike Couple: Vintage for fun - another drawing done for Velo Art. Inspired by a classical romantic era. Seems as though they are having a pretty good conversation about dinosaurs or maybe bikes. Either way they are dressed to kill - and have the transportation to do so.

Ship Wheel: I like this little steering wheel - a basic line drawing for a friend of mine Ponch. He wanted it tattooed on the back of his leg. The sweet part is I drew this for him, and got to tattoo it on him thanks to my brother being in town and teaching me how to tattoo. One of those situations where everyone wins. Happy with the color version and the brown tones used.

Artwork by Karl Addison

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