Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ocean Is Close... August 29th Release Party

All in all I'm very, very happy with this wall from an Artist Endeavor. What went beyond my expectations was the overwhelming response from everyone that has seen it, been there while we were painting, the press and everything else. Many of the neighborhood locals stopped by almost daily to chat with Pixel.Tron and I as we were working. We got a good amount of press on top of it as well like Daily Candy, and a handful of other supporting BLOGs like

Come Party with us and join in on the Release of this wall. It will be a good time for sure - I can promise that with a HUGE Squid & Whale battling it out as our backdrop.

-WHAT: “Squid VS Whale” by Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison
OPENING PARTY: Saturday, August 29th 6 to 10 PM.
-WHERE: The Twilight Exit, 2514 East Cherry, Seattle, WA 98122 - 206.324.7462
-MORE: PBR Drink Specials (PBR Goes To Support The Efforts Of The Mural)

Squid VS. Whale is a mural of epic proportions. The mural depicts a battle between a whale and a giant squid just below the surface of the sea. The story is being illustrated on a mural in Seattle's Central District. Artist Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison have been working for weeks to perfect the painting and it's very last detail. The 60 foot wall pulls you into their imagination; it is a must see mural in person.

The mural is being produced by two local artists from Seattle, Mr. Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison. The Central District community has many great murals and their new addition has been openly welcomed by neighbors, business owners, and many of the local residents. The concept came for a need to be challenged artistically by both artist and for a composition that could be enjoyed by all in the local neighborhood. 50 plus cans, over 9 gallons of paint & 60 hours of painting - the concept and mural is a reality for all to enjoy.

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