Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot New Photos - Company BIO

More amazing new photos & a great new company profile:

“Drawing is one of the most important factors of my existence. It is how I communicate my observations, experiences & world with the people that contribute to it.” — Karl Addison

Founded in 2003 by Seattle artist Karl Addison, Partybots is an environmentally conscience business with two goals: to be actively creative everyday and to have as little impact on the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

To be actively creative takes hard work, dedication, imagination, and experience. Each one of Karl’s designs is an original piece of art that represents beats—small changes—that happen around him everyday. Taken as a whole, his body of work represents graphic souvenirs from his travels around the world, from Tokyo to his front porch.

To carry out this mission of sustainability, Karl holds himself and his business to very high environmental and ethical standards. His printing process uses the latest eco-friendly methods, including platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy.

Karl is also passionate about the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals. He strongly agrees with MFA’s belief that non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals with morally significant interests and rights. He believes the work they do is so impassioned and important that, $2 of every online apparel sale and 5% of all wholesale orders is donated to MFA. To find out more about this organization, please visit their website at

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