Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little drawing... a write up and Canada!

Have not been around here for a bit. This week has been a little fast moving for me. I had a crazy trip to Vancouver with my friend Hope. Starting on Sunday evening Hope flew in, we made our attempt to Canada - got to Lynwood and got stuck in a snow storm. My truck did not make it far. We had to get tire chains and they royally fucked my tire-wells up. Oh well, it is just a car and metal. Monday in the afternoon we made it up there. Tuesday she went to film and I went on this insane adventure by myself. I took a ton of photos and walked around Vancouver for about 5 hours. My goal was to get a ton of reference photos for the comics that I'm working on. SUCCESS! Came back on Wednesday to Seattle. The next two days were a mixture of getting small things done like taxes and visiting a few of my stores.

Highlight: On Friday a rad guy named Joshua wrote about me in his BLOG. Click on that, to check it out.

Here are a few drawings I did this week.


Discerning Brute said...

Thanks for the mention!

Tony said...

I need a wall-sized 'Box War' poster.