Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Screen Mania

Today was a very productive day. I burned 25 screens, so get ready to see a lot of new artwork on the site. Each screen takes about 15 mins to burn the image, then another 10 mins to wash the image out. We almost had one causality, but the screen was saved.

Here is a list of the new artwork to come:

Doubotganger - Unisex - Blue (re-illustrated and better)
Lady Bots - Unisex - Black
Bunnies - Unisex - Blue
Cyclops Bear - Unisex - Brown (bigger and larger)
Elephant - Unisex - Blue
Two Heads - Unisex - Green
Robo Chimps - Unisex - Oatmeal
Slug-O-Stache - Unisex - Brown
The Bus Comic - Unisex - Brown
Error Comic - Unisex - Black
Dinner - Unisex - Green
Late Comic - Unisex - Blue
Closed Comic - Unisex - Green
Box Wars 2082 - Unisex - Black
Drunken Banana - Unisex - Green
Comb Bear - Unisex - Oatmeal
Bottle Ninja - Unisex - Blue
Switch Blade Box - Unisex - Black
Hambuger - Unisex - Oatmeal
Giraffe - Unisex - Green

Some of this artwork will be two colors, most are one colors. I can not wait to get them printed and posted on the site.


Anonymous said...

lookin forward to seein the prints just started some of my own t's and singlets gotta get used to the ink on fabric

Anonymous said...
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