Saturday, February 23, 2008

Partybots News Letter - Feb 2008

Where to I begin to start? So many things have happened since my last news letter. Partybots is in a few stores, the color scheme has changed for my branding, there are tons of new artwork available, lots of new apparel choices available and much more.

Retailers: A few weeks ago I got back from an awesome tradeshow in Las Vegas. I'm proud to say that you can find my product at 25 stores and 3 three online retailers. I'm very, very proud of this accomplishment and hope to keep growing strong. As some of these orders ship out to the stores I will be sure to blog about each store because they are all pretty dang amazing.

Colors: After a long time of thinking about it, I made the change of my colors for my website and all my branding material. I love orange, in fact it is my favorite color. However, with the direction of my vision I feel like green and brown represent that much better. It took me almost two complete days to get things switched out on my site. Hope you enjoy the fresh new look.

New Artwork: This is a bi-product of having new stores. Several of the stores from the tradeshow picked a whole heck of a lot of new artwork. Last week I burned over 25 new screens with more on the way. You can choose from 45 plus designs of original artwork by me on the site now. Hooray for an insane amount of options.

Apparel Options: Partybots has a full line of men's, women's and children's apparel now. In a few months here I will introduce the new 100% Organic V-Neck shirts. They are perfect for the summer time and come in five colors.

More Printable Art: I finally found a source for 100% Organic tote bags again. Those will be ordered very soon and put in to production. In addition to that, I just purchased 100% Post Consumer Paper stock to start doing posters again. Most of the posters will be my mini comics. I can not wait to get this uploaded on the site and available to all of you.

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