Monday, February 25, 2008

The Greenset

I just came across this blog that wrote a very cool story about me and my "nerdiness."

Check it out because it rules: thegreenset

Here is what she wrote:

Meet Karl. Karl is... well, he’s kinda a nerd. A cool, hip, heavily tattooed nerd, but yeah, a nerd nonetheless. He draws pictures/comics all day and probably has 37-sided dice in his pockets, which he will need to help him navigate the magical realms of sustainable clothing, where he is indeed a wizard. An eco-wizard, who uses organic and bio-degradable materials to make his (impressive) line of comic-book graphic t-shirts.

Nerds are so cool, they aren’t even nerds anymore- they’re the cool kids.

Finally, my mom was right about something, and I can start wearing my glasses in public.

YOU rock the partybots that rock the partybots:"

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