Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pool Trade Show

I just spent the last week in Las Vegas for Pooltradeshow. The trade show was pretty dang rad. I managed to pick up for more stores which I'm really stoked on. They will be getting their orders filled in the next few months. I will write a little blog-spot about each one when their orders go out.

I met a ton of rad folks that were super in to my artwork. It was amazing to talk to everyone and hear their comments and feedback. I'm going to say this show and trip was a huge success and I will be back for sure.

On Tuesday night their was a party held for all of us. It was fun because The Black Lips played a few songs which ruled. We took "Where Waldo's" photos of me in the club. And we made some new friends, Megan and Lizzie from Urban Fox (

One of the best parts of the trip, Megan and Lizzie found this rad pinball hall of fame. We spent both Tuesday and Thursday night there since it was the best thing to do.

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