Saturday, December 6, 2008

Journal - Sketch Book - Handmade - Left and Right Handed Reversible, 100 Percent Post Consumer Recycled Paper

Oh man I'm super happy and proud of these.  I have so much artwork, so I decided to color in a lot of them and use them for various projects.  These journals are the first to be released.  The first series is a robot set from various drawings done over the last four years.  To see the whole set visit:

Hand Cut, Stapled and Assembled In-House. Great for a little journal to write all your secrets and plots in or a great little sketch book to keep you drawing everyday!

Paper: 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper Stock
Page Number: 20
Size: 4.25 Inches Wide by 5.5 Inches Heigh
Artwork: Original works by Karl Addison

Reversible... Cover is printed on both sides to be used for both Left and Right handed folks. Hooray, everyone wins!


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