Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bikes, Art, Sandwich & Typography

Tonight was our thursday night ride. We went to the Pioneer Art Walk and hung out for a bit. I like the Western Building a lot. Got to see my friend Dave (check out his work at Starheadboy) and talk to him for a bit. I'm going to pick up one of his painted bricks.  I did not have much cash or a bag with me tonight.  They are super awesome and can not wait to add it to my art collection.  After the ride we went up to the Honey Hole on Capitol Hill to meet up with Domino, his lady and their friend from New York.  I had a tasty sandwich for dinner with tempeh; so good.  At that point I rode back down to Pioneer Square to catch up with my friend Mary at some fashion party thing.  Then back home and up Avalon.  I love hate that hill.

My night is going to be finished off working on this freelance job I got for a supplement company.  Holy crap!  I forgot how much I love typography and cleaning type up.  With my own work I don't do anything with type, and I feel like with my old corporate job that is almost all I did.  Funny how those things creep up on you.  I'm making the design tighter and tiny bit cleaner.  It is good for the purpose of it.  So only minor tweaks.  I'm also setting it up for printing and cropping.  It's time consuming for sure, but I do miss this kind of work.  To be honest, it is so easy for me... I think that is why I like.  It involves almost zero effort for me, just busy work like an assembly line.  That might sound weird for a semi-creative process but it is true.  I'm going to be stoked to go in to some of the supplement stores around town and see them up and out.  

Today was awesome!

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