Saturday, December 2, 2006

New BIO for my work!

Here it is... enjoy:

Are you looking for another “hipster” apparel/clothing company to look totally “hip?” If you are, you have come to the wrong residence my friend.

This site, and my work is of a different vain. If you are a big fan of original artwork in different mediums then you have come to the correct place. I started my website in 2003 after drawing two robots that a lot of people fell in love with. These famous robots became known as the “Partybots.” was founded shortly after and became a collection of my screen printing, illustration, design and fine art.

The artwork you will find here will change very often and suddenly. When I sell out of my limited run work it will never be recreated the same way twice. If the same artwork is reused the colors, positioning, schemes, placement & artwork evolves to preserve my one of a kind motto. Any of the one of a kind painting and artwork is gone once it’s sold. All of my creative printing, painting & production is done in-house and is DIY. This allows me to use a variety of mediums such as apparel, bags, books, posters, paintings & other original artwork.

I’m a big advocate for our environment and natural surroundings. Because of my in-house production, it has given me the opportunity to use methods that are less harmful and far safer for everyone and everything. For my screen printing I use biodegradable, soy based cleaning chemicals. In addition to the chemicals I use, I do not use aerosol spray adhesives to keep apparel fastened onto the printing platens. Instead; a natural water based garment glue is my choice. For a lot of my other work I re-use and recycle anything that I possibly can.

Because I care about our world, I am proud to say that I took the time to search for a way to create my unique, one of a kind work using materials that is non-toxic. I discovered a company that makes some of the best solvents in the world for screen printers and not only do they use the latest technology but they are made from a natural renewable resource – soybeans! These rad solvents help reduce hazardous waste, comply with environmental regulations and take into account the health and safety of the people who work with them daily. I feel good about supporting this company by using their products and by wearing my art, you can, too!

"I saw karl's partybots probably about 2 years ago. Though his designs are funny at first glace, a deeper looks shows that he is full of talent with a unique imagination."justin (

“Karl Addison brings an unmatched fire and vision to his art. Always two steps ahead of contempories, his fanciful designs bring a knowing smile to those who know him.” - The Lebanon Robotics Team (Tina Casagrand, Katie Stoll, etc.)

“Quirky, ethereal, realistic, bizarre --- everything I love in artwork! Partybots has not only unique and one-of-a-kind stuff, they are mindbenders. Wear them or hang them and be weird! And cool. And nice to the earth!” - Marci F. (“f” is for fucking awesome)

"I had one of my best days ever...wearing my Partybots." - 33

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