Monday, December 11, 2006

Rad new painting of "The Sasquatch"

Oh man, I'm I ever happy with this totally rad painting of Sasquatch. I figured it would be awesome to have a full series to the line. The painting is pretty amazing. The grass has a lot of texture in it. The clouds are silver with circle strokes so they have texture as well. And, Sasquatch has a ton of paint that is super thick with texture. I used hard lines to draw in the details so it was very illustrated. A cool style of both in my opinion.

Here are some pictures and the description that I posted.


"Did you think you had enough Sasquatch fan-memorabilia yet? No? Well good then. The big hairy footed friend of ours is now on a big awesome painting. Hand painted and hand illustrated, it is a big bad piece you don't want to mess around with. Sasquatch has a lot of built up texture for his fine hair, use your fingers to stroke him. Silver clouds are a symbol of his lifestyle and what is on the horizon. Sport a hoody to work, buy grocery with your Sasquatch tote bag, come home to drink some tea with this large and in charge painting. Really, what more is there in life? A Sasquatch poster! Collect them all and be a winner. No one wants to be a loser. Only ONE OF THESE! Signed on the back. Artwork by Karl Addison"

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