Thursday, January 18, 2007

Noamkin Comic Book: It's Super Fly!

Wow, right now I'm looking at a box full of Noamkin Comics. They turned out so AWESOME! I can not even express how proud, sad, happy and all the above I'm. This project took me a really long time and I stuck with it. I'm sad now because it's over. But that gives me hope that I will create another one if this is well recieved. The comic book is totally DIY, and in limited production!

The whole concept is very un-traditional for the comic book industry. I took pages upon pages of my illustrations, scanned them in, turned them to vector images then laid out the story board with all of the illustrated elements. This story line was written after the pages were put together. You could say that what unfolds in Noamkin’s adventures is improvised. I’m really proud of this whole project and hope that you will love it as much as I do!

Story Line: Noamkin the hero has his best friend Nun-Chuck Vegas. Nun-Chuck Vegas becomes victim to an evil plot by evil ninjas. It is up to Noamkin to save the day, kill ninjas, get his friend back by any means necessary and be the hero he was meant to be… or not. The story line is rich in ups and downs that will sway your emotional tide like the ocean’s currents.

Artwork & Story by Karl Addison

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Here are some photos to wet your lips:

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shannon said...

hmmm...sounds riveting. yeah, still working on a studio for my press...but cannot wait to get her up and going. I am totally into book arts...when i eventually print something we should do a trade!!