Thursday, February 1, 2007

Moving... Almost over

So for the last few weeks I have been moving. I'm proud to say I'm all moved in to my new house in West Seattle. The next trick is to unpack everything and locate the things I need. I now have to use Comcast for my internet service. So far I'm not impressed by them at all. They sent out a tech to install my internet which. He messed up my router and all my cabling by disconnecting everything. He was in such a rush to leave he did not check to see if my internet was even working. Of course it was not, so I spent the next hour on the phone with a tech support. The best part is when they have you reboot everything after you have done it four times before calling. They sent the tech back out, he messed with some more wires and got my modem to get a signal. Then left again, of course my internet cut out the second he did. After about five hours of this I got my internet working as long as I do not move my bogus modem. For $60 bucks a month its robbery. A big "fuck you Comcast!"

Other then that things are great. I love my new place. I love my new art studio when i get it all setup. I have this great idea in my head for my next series I will start working on. It's going to be flipping awesome so stay tune!

much love,
- karl addison

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