Monday, February 19, 2007 - Tom Green

Ok, so I thought I would write about something a little bit different this morning. Tom Green has been a rad hero of mine for sometime now. For awhile I thought he was just out there doing something but not doing anything anymore. Well, I was wrong. Tom has started this amazing new thing called "webovision." He does a talk show from his living room almost everynight except for the weekends. Here is the best part, it streams live to his website. So you can watch it on your computer by going to his website.

This is AMAZING! He does not have to worry about the FCC, Producers, etc... He can do whatever he wants, when he wants. The guest on the show have been great as well. Folks like Neil Hamburger, Bob Sagat, Andrew Dice Clay, Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Tim and Eric, Scott Thompson and many more!

Well, if you have some time check it out. It's pretty great.

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