Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Austin 2007

Every year I go to Austin it is more fun then the year before. There were three things or events that I thought were the best. But hot dog, there was a lot more that was just as rad, if not more so. Ok, that made no sense... but whatever.

Stitch 2007
Holy crap, do the girls that put on Stitch know how to throw an amazing party, event and craftastic event! This year it was at a convention center, and we all had 10x10 booth. I really enjoyed that, plus I was on a corner this year and that made a huge difference in my opinion. I had a lot of repeat friends from the years pervious visit me and a lot of new friends. People really really stoked on my 100% Organic and Eco-Poly Blends apparel that I'm printing on. Hooray!

Whole Foods Market - Lamar
On saturday before I headed over to the convention center to get setup I stopped in to the Austin Lamar store. I was heading towards the Whole Body department when I saw that my artwork was on one of the front endcaps of the department. It was amazing to see them front and center. On top of that, the Team Members and customers were really in to my work. By far, this was one of the best highlights for me.

Office Space
Hahaha, this makes me laugh every time I think about it. My friend Chris took me on a mini tour of the locations for "Office Space." It was pretty rad. I got to see the Chotchkies restaurant, the ditch and their office building. Awwwww, I wish I had my camera so I could have been a bigger nerd.

For the other misc crap, there is a restaurant that serves catfish and has high speed internet... gotta eat your fish and surf the web at the same time. Jen P. blogged about it and they found her blog, got mad and commented on the wrong blog post. That story is hilarious. I almost took this ladies door off with my rental car, while Chris was going to jump out and start licking her leg. Instead, we just got sandwiches... but that would have been awesome. I watched a documentary on real live cases of Zombies in Haiti. We had delicious bean burritos at two O'clock in the morning. Some girl started yelling at me for touching her ass at a bar... then it turned out to be one of Chris's friends that looked a lot like me that did it. That chick was really drunk... and scary. Oh, and I thought someone hit my rental car and fucked up the back side of it. Good thing for me for those tiny little "reported" stickers.

- karl addison

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shakerdesigns said...

Greeting Karl. "Sharks Wearing Jean Jackets" fits like a glove and the Partybot lasering the Monster Worms poster warms my soul. Glad to have found your booth at Stitch.