Wednesday, January 2, 2008

first post of the year

Right now I'm waiting for my platen glue to dry so I can start printing again. I finished up the second half of the first order for Retrofit Homes in Capitol Hill. I will be taking it to them later this afternoon before an appointment I have at 4pm.

Things on my plate to do today:
  1. Finish getting all the documents and sample shirts for the SOPAC region of Whole Foods Market - then mail it out.
  2. Mail out a few orders
  3. Start printing new lineup of artwork (includes: Coconut, Sharks Wearing Jean Jackets, Blank Page Comic, Hot Dog, Panther and Mr. Stemke)
  4. Finish writing new order for the Lamar Whole Foods Market
  5. Email folks about my art show tomorrow
  6. Getting information ready to seek out a sales rep for myself
  7. Drop off Retrofit shirts to their store

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