Saturday, April 12, 2008

Afriad of the usage of color, but god damn do I love it

I'm working on a lot of new artwork right now based on my illustrations and drawings. I have this sort of technique down that I have used for the last few art shows that I have had. It is a mixure of wheat pasting and glazing with a print of my illustration. There are some kinks I need to work out like wrinkles, corners coming un-done and so forth. However, I do feel like I'm figuring out how to apply it better and better every time I do it.

Moving on to color. Other then my screen printing, and the colors that I use there - I have always used black and white. As of late, I have been going to a lot of art shows. Last night I went to two good shows in Belltown. The colors that some of these other artist are using are amazing. So here is the dilemma that has been brewing in my head for a few years now. I love color, I know I can see color so well. I feel like my eyes have been attune to see pigment, tone and hue at a much higher level then most. That is not me trying to brag, or be a dick - it is just one of those things I feel talented with. So knowing that, I have never really ventured in to color and the use of it in my artwork. It is one of those weird contradictions - and something I have been trying to figure out. Perhaps it is as simple as the medium that I use to create artwork.

Goal to be completed in the next six months:
To overcome my hesitation with the use of color in my own artwork. Find a medium that works well with my style and technique that I use for my work.

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