Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brooklyn - Day One

I woke up way early this morning to get to the airport. I bought my ticket through Alaska, but the flight was with American. I went to the wrong ticket counter and was confused for about 30 seconds. Flight was good, went by quickly. I listen to a lot of my "learning Japanese" cds for next month's trip. Slept, and also drew a lot for an art show I have coming up at 20 Twenty.

I took a bunch of trains to get to Brooklyn where I'm staying with my friend Jodi. She showed me this rad website called Hop Stop which really helps with directions. I'm hoping that the next two days I can hit up some stores, and check out some art museums.

Saturday and Sunday are going to rule at the Green Expo. I brought really good inventory and have a lot of it. This new art is going to sell like hot cakes. I printed on all 100% organic cotton, crew neck and v-neck.

Alright, I'm out for a fun night on the town.

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