Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Tokyo!

Today is my second Wednesday. How is that possible, well it is easy... I'm a time traveler. There was a lot to this trip. Both in very good and amazing ways that will change the way I view the world forever. And of course very upsetting and frustrating things that happened. Being there, I quickly felt ill-prepared and very naive.

Design Festa was the main reason I went. The show was incredible from the stand point of its production value, the other artist there and the shear size. As for my business, I did not do well. The little Japanese I know was not near enough to explain me art to anyone. Speaking in broken Japanese and English for two days was one of the most mentally exhausting things I have ever done. I can not even tell you how much we take advantage of the ability to communicate with each other.

Japanese culture is one of the most beautiful and polite cultures I have been exposed to. The folks that I did meet and talk to were so very nice and pleasant. On my last night I was finally able to socialize a lot and that night was the best for me. I also met some really amazing folks from all over the world. The girl below with me is from Finland and she was very sweet, as were all the people I talked to.

The art scene there was everywhere. But not as we think of it here in the US. Street art is just part of the natural landscape of the city. There were paintings almost everywhere. At Design Festa I purchased a few different paintings - one is the below picture with the yellow background and an amazing painted illustrated style. The colors were bold, line work was incredible and subject matter was border line strange with a twist of "kawaii." The signs everywhere had an amazing art undertone as well. Even the ones about safety.

It was an incredible trip, and one that I learned a lot from. It is a different game that I have been playing from a business standpoint. One that I will play again for sure in the future, but I have a lot more to learn in order to be successful over there.

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