Friday, January 30, 2009

10 Reasons Why Today Rules

Reason why today totally ruled:

1: I did not change out of my sleepy pants all day while I worked
2: Found out that the CPSIA just got suspended for a year!!!!!
3: Did I mention that the CPSIA is stopped for now, till it can be re-thought and actually protect children from lead?
4: I made home made wheat bread with olives
5: I had an amazing conversation with my good friend Brenna today
6: Found out my best friend in the world Mia is coming to visit me in Seattle
7: Did some drawing
8: Gonna watch a movie Hon Solo then go to bed at 9pm on a friday
9: Decided that Partybots is going to start making Top Tube Pads, and printing my dorky drawings on them.
10: Got a bunch of data mining work done today

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