Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Night Ride: Come Tonight!

My friend Ryan and I are hosting a weekly thursday night bike ride. I'm going to try to get in the habit of posting it on my BLOG in case anyone wants to come out. Tonight will be a 19 mile ride around Beacon Hill and back.

I'm sure we will come up with a name for this... sometime soon.

Gasworks - Capital Hill - Beacon Hill - Mt Baker
19 Miles
Mile Instruction For
1 0.0 R Depart Gasworks Park going east on the Burke-Gilman Trail. 1.1 mi
1.1 L 7th Avenue, then immediate right on 40th Street. 0.3 mi
2 1.4 R Eastlake Avenue E (across University Bridge). 0.3 mi
3 1.7 BL Harvard Avenue E (underneath I-5). 0.2 mi
1.9 L E Shelby Street. 0.1 mi
4 2.0 R Broadway E. 0.3 mi
2.3 L E Roanoke Street. 0.1 mi
5 2.4 R 10th Avenue E. 0.1 mi
2.5 L E Miller Street. 0.1 mi
6 2.6 R Federal Avenue E. 0.9 mi
3.5 L E Prospect Street (at end of Volunteer Park). 0.1 mi
7 3.6 R 12th Avenue E. 2.4 mi
8 6.0 BL Cross over I-90 and continue on Golf Drive S. 0.1 mi
6.1 Continues as 15th Avenue S. 0.9 mi
9 7.0 BL Beacon Avenue S. 1.4 mi
10 8.4 L Cheasty Blvd S (at end of golf course). 1.2 mi
9.6 BR Continue as S Winthrop Street (just before Martin Luther King). 0.1 mi
11 9.7 Take overpass across Rainier Avenue. 0.1 mi
12 9.8 Exit overpass and turn right on S Mt. Baker Blvd. 0.5 mi
13 10.3 BR Continue on Lake Park Drive S (at Mt. Baker Park). 0.3 mi
10.6 L At bottom of hill onto Lake Washington Blvd S. 0.2 mi
14 10.8 BL At Coleman Park, go back up hill again. 1.2 mi
Continue on Lake Washington Blvd S over the top of I-90.
15 12.0 Enter Frink Park and start down again on Lake Wash Blvd. 0.5 mi
16 12.5 L At bottom (Leschi) continue north on Lake Washington Blvd. 1.5 mi
At stop sign (Lakeview Park) take S-curves back up hill.
17 14.0 L E Harrison Street. 0.6 mi
18 14.6 R Martin Luther King Way E and cross E Madison Street. 0.1 mi
14.7 Continue straight on 28th Avenue E (E Prospect Street). 0.5 mi
19 15.2 Continues as 26th Avenue E. 0.8 mi
20 16.0 L E Lynn Street and immediate right on 25th Avenue E. 0.2 mi
21 16.2 L E Roanoke Street. 0.1 mi
16.3 Follow bike signs to University of Washington through alleys, 0.2 mi
across Lake Washington Blvd to 24th Avenue E over SR-520.
16.5 L Exit museum parking, continue straight, turn on E Shelby Street. 0.1 mi
16.6 R Montlake Blvd NE, cross the Montlake Bridge to UW. 0.4 mi
22 17.0 L Cross Montlake Blvd and turn left onto Burke-Gilman Trail. 2.0 mi
23 19.0 L Return to Gasworks Park.

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