Friday, January 30, 2009

A little printing, data entry, bikes and stickers

This morning was a little hard to get out of bed.  I can happily say that since I have been riding my bike every single day my insomnia is gone... not counting right now since I'm still awake.

My online orders have picked up in the second half of the month.  Thank goodness for that.  I know it is a scary time with the economy.  Its a pleasure to know that folks still want rad dorky drawings on eco-friendly apparel.  Hooray!  Shipped out 5 orders today.  Got some data entry done and even had time to start working on some new stickers.  I need to get a new Sharpie thou, the one I have is a fine point.  I like the detail, but my lines are way to thin for me liking.

My evening ended with Ryan, Ian and I going on a bike ride around the city ending at Flowers in the U-District.  It was a good ride, a little slower then last week but we also tracked up a lot of hills.  An hour and 27 minutes of solid non-stop riding.  It was nice to hang out at Flowers since Bubba and Koos showed up.  Both of those kids are super amazing.  I have all these ideas of drawings in my head based on bikes now.  I'm sure I will be thinking about this for the next three months before I sit down and start drawing.  That is generally my process with this type of thought in regards to drawing and planning.

Tomorrow I have more printing to get done and hopefully I will have time to upload new product to my website.  Officially - there are 87 choices of my dorky drawing.  Closing in on 100... then it is party time.  

I have another art show coming in the summer, I finalized my concept for it this week.  The show will be called "A 100 Reasons."  I kind of want to keep this show sort of a mystery only to be unveiled on opening night.  More on that later, want to get the iNVASiON show done first at Twilight in April before I start putting a lot of time on this next show.

shut it down....

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