Friday, December 28, 2007

Small Brown Bike - Re-Lives!

Brad and I are at home working away as we stumble across the most amazing band ever re-incarnated. Small Brown Bike has come back as Able Baker Fox. This news is out of control, their sound is amazing and the line up is amazing:
Ben Reed - Vocals + Bass (The Great Sea Serpents, Small Brown Bike)
Mike Reed - Vocals + Guitar (LaSalle, Small Brown Bike)
Nathan Ellis - Vocals + Guitar (Jackie Carol, The Casket Lottery, Coalesce)
Jeff Gensterblum - Drums (The Holy Fire, Small Brown Bike)

I can not even tell you what great news this is. I only got to see Small Brown Bike two times - back to back. I drove to New Mexico to see them play at the venue called The Launchpad with Last Day Parade. I was under age at the time, but my good friends from Last Day Parade snook me as part of their band. The next day Small Brown Bike played in Tempe, Az where I lived at the time. I drove back home to see them the following night. I got to talk to Ben and Mike a little each night. They were super rad, and really nice to me and their fans. Not only did they rock harder then most bands, but they were super amazing humans.

What a FUCKING awesome way to start the new year!

Check them out, and listen to "Stuttering" (The ripley stereo guitar is INSANE!)

Official Website - Able Baker Fox

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