Saturday, December 22, 2007

Super Tamale Brothers - Strike Again!

Wednesday and Thursday night the Super Tamale Brothers got together to make their super Vegan Tamales. It took two days of madness to get everything ready and prepped, but it was totally worth all the effort.

Before we started we got all the ingredients and got the fillings all setup. We had four different types this time. One ground beef (fake of course), setian and green chili, mixed veggies and green chili, and lastly we made a cinnamon and raisin variety.

For the masa, we had three different types; one for the spice masa, mild masa and for the dessert masa. All delicious.

Once the masa was mixed, fillings were ready to go and the corn husks were soaked for 8 hours we were ready to start assembling. We had extra help from Brad & Andrea - so the super tamale brothers were super fast and efficient this time.

After we filled them all up, we put them in four pots to steam for several hours. We cooked them on low over night so they could get all that flavor.

Afterwards - we ended up with some where around 120 tamales. That is enough food to feed us for a month or so. Which is awesome, because we need food to live on, and tamales are perfect for that. YUM!

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