Thursday, December 13, 2007

Teaching Screen Printing at Meadowdale High School

My day started about 5:45am this morning. I woke up - took a shower got dressed and ready. From that point; since I was super proud to dress myself I got everything ready for the day.

The kids created their own artwork, I got to burn the screens and have them all ready for them. At the beginning of the class I talked about the whole process from prepping your screens, to artwork, burning, setting up the press and printing. It was a challenge to condense that much information in to 30mins of dialogs. It really seemed like all the kids were really in to the process and the possibilities of what they could do artistically. I'm really glad I didn't sound like a jackass answering their questions. I was terrified they were going to ask me something super complex and I would answer like this, "huh.... huh... the thing about that is...." then bolt out the door in embarrassment.

The printing was of course the best part. We had a total of six screens and eight compositions of artwork from the students. They all got to take turns printing their collective artwork on the shirts or other apparel items that they brought in. They all seemed super amazed and happy with how their artwork printed. The little side comments in the background were the best to listen to about their printing project.

Here are some pictures from the day:

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