Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 Year Anniversary:

Wow, so as I was on the plane coming back home from Stitch 2006 I started thinking about how November is my Anniversary for I was trying to figure out how many years I had been up and running. Time generally throws me off when I think long term. I was thinking it was over four years that I had been running. However, I setup shop in November, 2003. So even thou I had not been to Stitch my first year, I have been there three times. That was making me think of four... These are the weird thoughts I have about time.

Since it is also close to the holidays I'm going to do something special for all my awesome fans/customers that have supported my artwork and site over the years. I'm going to be mailing out a little something to everyone. Surprises are totally awesome!

Thanks for the love!

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