Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stitch 2006!

I just got back from being at Stitch 2006 in Austin, Texas. This is my third year in a row that I have gone to this amazing production of crafts and fashion. It was held at the Austin Music Hall this year with a capicity of 3000, however with the booths I think it was around 2000. The place SOLD OUT! It was purely amazing. I arrived MEGA late from my plane, when I did there was a line that was a 1/4 mile long. They were all waiting to get inside when the doors opened at 5pm. Despite my lateness, I was able to get my booth setup quickly. I saw a lot of friends from last year and new friends as well. It is always my favorite part to ineract with new fans of my art. I sold out of all my journals, bags and the few paintings that I brought. This made me super happy!

Big thanks to all the girls from Stitch, who know how to throw a super awesome party.

-karl addison
PS: Here are some pictures!

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