Thursday, November 16, 2006

Working, working, working!

Wow, I just realized that every night this week I have been working like crazy on my site, artwork and orders. This was the first night that I went out to dinner in a few weeks. I went with my super awesome friend Cyra. We went to Bimbos, it's this amazing Mexican burrito shop here in Capitol Hill. They do sell meat products, but are super good about making vegan choices as well. Tasty!

I think I finally got this whole BLOG thing up and running on my website. If you are reading this then it is working! I also had to do inventory last night since I got back from the show in Austin. Then it was super awesome paper work time. I'm not a big fan of doing the paper work thing. I really like the creative part, and the business side of things. Oh, and meeting lots of rad people from all over. That makes it super worth it!

Here is some artwork I did awhile back. It's in the massive pile of other artwork that rarely sees the light of day.

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