Sunday, November 26, 2006

Inestant -Posters FREAKIN AMAZING

I'm sooooo happy right now with how these posters turned out. It's a really cool four color print job that I finished tonight. Two colors for the background and two colors for the artwork.

Textile Poster, 11x17 – NASA Space Cloth

When I was a kid I loved ants. My brothers and I found all these fire ant homes in this giant field. We would catch a ton of the ants and put them in fish tanks with dirt. They would burrow and make all these rad tunnels. Then they would die without their queen and we would be sad. Ok, for the intestines… I was looking at them and they reminded me of those ant tunnels from my childhood. So I drew some intestines, threw some ants inside and PRESTO “the natural ant farm.”

This poster is printed on special NASA Space Cloth that is silver. Limited: Only 27 printed. All are signed & numbered on the back!

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