Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish I could streamline this BLOG in to my site.....

I have spent the last 5 hours sitting here trying to figure out how to get this BLOG to look and feel like my site. I think I'm a lot closer now.

The other part I have been doing is trying to get this site worked in to a Frame or some sort of .shtml doc so It is more flush with http://www.partybots.org, however every attempt has been a failure. I keep getting this security warning from my site telling me not all the content is secure. But I have no control over whats secure here on my BLOG. I just want to be able to display it on my site. Also, I want to get rid of my scroll bars so it's more flush on the page. Here is the link to what I was playing with: https://partybots.org/catalog/blog.shtm. If anyone has suggestions please email or comment to this.

PS: Junk mail sucks..... LOL

1 comment:

Partybots said...

Yes... I think I did it! And now I'm posting a comment on my BLOG like a fucking dork!