Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Magnificent Robot Wizard

I just finished the artwork for my Magnificent Robot Wizard... oh man I'm I stoked on how great/retarded it looks. I'm trying to figure out the color scheme I want to use for it. For sure I want purple and yellow (if you did not know, those are required wizard colors). Hmmmmmm, not really sure right this second. I do know there is some sweet lightening bolts going on in the background, a mountain and the robot wizard.

Well here is the artwork, feel free to comment on what colors you think might be cool.


Chad said...

Gandalf here is ready to fight the forces of evil. That's evil pronounced E-VILE. You know why? He's got freakin' robot guts inside his robes conjuring up those lightning bolts. Yeah,that's right. It's science. Look it up. You wanna be able to conjure bolts of lightning and sweet-ass light rays from your claw hands? Buy this mutha and start zapping your neighbor's dogs/cats/children. Gandalf says you're cool if you do.

Partybots said...

Chad.... sir... you just made my day. LOL, that shit was awesome to read about.